The best way to run your club website

Q. So what can we do for your club?
A. We can help you run more efficiently

Saves you time and money

Select teams for matches, emails sent to selected members.
Confirmation of availabilities sent to captains, by simply clicking link in selection email
Maintain player info in one place
Publish fixtures, results, and reports after matches

Drive your team forward

After matches you can promote your team using social media

For any sport

Our system can help any sports club, we have hundreds of different sports clubs using our sites, yours can be the next you can be up and running in minutes

Helping you get your teams out

It's all very well having the best facilities in the area
every club has to manage their teams, ensuring a full side and officials are in place for every game, Hitssports makes it easy.

Hitssports is the service designed for your sports club, established by a fellow sportsman, and built on years of experience in amateur sports clubs.

Save Time

Running a sports club is fantastically rewarding, however requires large amounts of club administrators time, and is often a thankless task.  Hitssports will save you huge amounts of time, enabling you to enjoy your club.


Manage your member database online, give all members online access.  Collect subscription payments and match fees online, report on who has paid and owes what.


Keep a history of all your clubs results, we have clubs who have entered every result back into the 1950’s, a lot of work but a fantastic online historical record for your club.

Team selection


Manage team selection using easy to use tools.  Know who is available and when

Members add availabilities prior to team selection, then confirm their availability by clicking a link in an email, or replying to an SMS selection message.

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Member payments


Record and accept member payments, collect more and spend less time doing it.

One of the biggest problems for many clubs is managing member payments.  Our unique system allows you to accurately record and accept member payments with a simple 2% flat fee transaction charge.

Collect member subscriptions



Keeping in touch with your members has never been so easy.

Keep in touch with your clubs entire membership, using Email, SMS text message, Twitter, and Facebook all from within your club’s website.

Club communications